Friday, June 5, 2009

Masonry Kitchen Designs by Arrex

Masonry kitchens have their roots of a time when the house center was the kitchen and the kitchen was the house center. It gave the fire, food and place where the family was gathering. Today kitchens are still important to people and those who want natural but beautiful and comfortable place at their home will find masonry kitchen designs by Arrex very interesting. White, gray and colored stones are used to give life to that kitchens. Irregular reflexions and lights in addition to gorgeous wooden doors create atmosphere of harmony and prestige. Masonry kitchens perfectly implements “old” but with modern comfort and features. Arrex

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Luxury Classic Bathroom Furniture from Lineatre

Gold Componibile bathroom furniture collection from Lineatre is one of those what should be mention when you think about luxury bathroom design. The collection includes two built-in under sinks cabinets made of solid wood and marble tabletops, mirror in wooden frame with gold trim, low tables and other accessories. There are plenty of marble styles, hand-painted cabinets and trim styles to choose. Handles could be made of metal and crystal Swarovski. People who likes to live big definitely should check out this new Lineatre bathroom furniture.

Aesthetic Yet Practical Classic Bathroom Furniture - RAB from PSCBATH

RAB bathroom furniture collection is one of those which perfectly combines aesthetic look with practical aspects and designed in classic style. On the pictures you can see cabinets from the collection done in Golden Leaf color. They also could be done in natural wood finish, glossy or matt painted finish or with different leather front panels. The sink’s glass top is also available in 19 colors. RAB collection is great in compiling with people’s daily needs and taking care of their body. If you search functional and comfortable furniture to complete your classic or modern bathroom design than RAB from PSCBATH is a good choice.

Classic Kitchen Design from Gorenje

Gorenje isn’t only specialize in producing domestic appliances. They also has division specialize in designing interiors and production furniture for them. They make furniture for different rooms including kitchens. There are three styles of furniture: contemporary, familiar and classic.

Classic kitchens usually characterized by warmth and comfort of natural wood. Gorenje’s kitchen designs isn’t exclusion. They has luxury look, modern appliances and warm colors. Here is what Gorenje said about their classic line:

Many touches of nature are needed for us to become aware of its wondrous beauty. It takes a great deal of self-confidence for simple memories of the days gone by to reveal that which we desire most in the present: sharing the experience of feeling at home, feeling the solid shelter of homeliness, sensing the mysterious flow of moments creating the impression that time has changed its course. Magnificent impressions of wood in combination with elegant lines of the kitchens give the sense of true luxury of the home.

Country Style Kitchen Pictures From Marchi Cucine

The Marchi Group specializes in creating traditional style kitchens that look straight out of a folk tale. These classic country style kitchens are easy for you to associate with and they somehow seem familiar eventhough you are seeing them for the first time.

Marchi, the designer, believes:

Beautiful things acquire value over time. They are objects that improve quality of life and become an integral part of our daily routine.

The following set of pictures of country kitchens should give you some inspiration if you are planning to build one.

Country Kitchen - Dhialma

Country Kitchen - Old England

Country Kitchen - Valenzuela

Country Kitchen - Doralice

Country Kitchen - Hemingway

Marchi also has a another line of ‘New Classic’ kitchens which bring in a touch of modern while still remaining largely traditional.

New Classic Kitchen - Dechora

New Classic Kitchen - Opera’

New Classic Kitchen - Dechora

New Classic Kitchen - Opera’